Extra Browband

Blikcart presents to you the most popular, elegant and technically made Special Extra Browband – S.T.1-0116 breastplate to hold horse from multiple focuses to expand the solace and control of Ride and Mount. The overall goal of a breastplate is to keep the saddle focused. This is manufactured by us with utmost care and keeping every rule and regulation of government in mind. A wide range of breastplates are available for this endeavor to do this job. The Extra Browband – S.T.1-0116 breastplate will help the user in keeping the circumference more forward, keeping it from the likelihood of slipping back.


  • Designer stitching in a fancy pattern
  • 100% Safe and follows every protocol
  • Ultra-comfortable and fits in by squeezing well
  • This has adjustable holes as well
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