Extra Browband

The Extra Browband – S.T.1-0117 Breastplate is one of the most demanded one. This normally applies the the factor of pressure over a bigger region than a breastplate with only a few of resources. It could likewise be said that these breastplates don’t squeeze the saddle of the seat when the rider hop. Utilization of unique Sheep skin and Elastic and Lines cowhide amalgamated supplements at Shoulder. The flexibility of the Extra Browband – S.T.1-0117 breastplate guarantees super comfort to fitting in crushing just as expanding states and settles on this breastplate which is a great decision for the riders who love style with better control and solace.


  • This has bottom straps that joins the breastplate to the grip and offer a great adjustment.
  • The product is finished smoothly with appropriate curves made of premium quality leathers.
  • One of the most demanded products for its ultimate specifications
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